GRE Courses

Classroom Course (Only Delhi)

We bring to you the best of the Classroom Setups in Delhi!

We promise to you an excellent curriculum and most comfortable classroom environments. With us having the most qualified professors to carry on with the GRE Preparation courses, we can ensure that you start off with us without worry. Our teachers will ensure that you impart complete knowledge while not stressing yourself.
Our faculties are experienced and highly qualified and they continue to inspire you.
We teach you the latest fundamentals of English Grammar and Mathematics.
We go through explanations and understanding of each problem and its solutions.
We ensure that each strategy, methodology, and technology that we use at classroom sessions are polished timely so that we could build speed and offer efficient study programs.
We make sure that all our test taking strategies are well planned and developed regularly to yield top results.
Our study programs are planned to provide end-to-end preparation for the GMAT Test.
Live and Interactive Sessions
We offer live sessions of 180 minutes each.
Get Taught by Only the Best
Our classroom sessions are delivered by highly competent teachers/professors.
Personalized Attention and Guidance
Our teachers make sure that you are attended personally. They work with you whilst problem solving and achieving target scores. We also arrange for one-to-one diagnostic counselling sessions.
Student Information System
We record each lecture and make it available for students on Information System. Candidates are given access to various learning tools and study materials [in our library also] essential for your preparations.

LIVE Online

Some of you may have difficulty in attending physical Classroom Sessions. For you we have our LIVE Online Group Sessions, so that you could learn from the comfort of your home and office. The courses for our LIVE Online Group Sessions are designed by using the most advanced editing and education software by the most experienced technical trainers.
The top notch technical authors and teachers who work on each course personally.
Extremely pragmatic approach to GRE Test preparations.
Extensive theatre background and clear HD video prints.
Customised courses based on your skills and time and what skills you need to furnish more.
Interactive curses that give you experience of continuous online learning.
Can be accessed on desktops, laptops, phones, tablets.
Necessary learning tips and quick reference materials for enabling you to learn key points by heart.
Screen sharing software allows you to remotely work with your teachers.
Strategic homework/assignments that you will have to submit in time.
Enough Practice Tests to be given at regular intervals to gauge your performance.
Flexible learning hours so that you would not have to leave your job or ignore personal accountabilities.
A strategic and well-drafted time table that you will have to follow rigorously.
An online architecture to assess your consistent learning where your trainers will share complete feedback with you.
The technology that we use for creating our courses is innovative. With our communicating courses we have set a new standard for LIVE Online GMAT preparation.
We call our LIVE Online GMAT Group Sessions Anywhere-Any-Device Courses. You can access the courses from anywhere in the world on your phones, tablets, desktops, or laptops and participate in group hangouts.
You do not need to bother about travelling to institutes. With our LIVE Online Group Sessions, you can be a part of discussion even from the comforts of your home or your office, which further means you will not need to leave your jobs!
High Definition Video Lessons
Our video lessons are designed by expert instructors using the cutting-edge technology and so our videos are high definition that ensure you are engaged in the group sessions without disruptions.
Progressive Learning Architecture
Our Online Group Sessions are designed based on an architecture that assesses your learning regularly. We also share feedback in real-time about the topics that require improvement.
We begin with an overall study plan that maps out goals and milestones while adapting to your individual learning style.

One-On-One Tutoring

(Minimum purchase 10 hrs.)

We offer both in-person and online One-On-One Personal Sessions those who prefer studying individually. Because these will be personalized sessions, you would have the flexibility of choosing your instructor as well as the timing of the sessions. Our expert teachers will discuss with you how do you want to prepare and will create a strategic time table to follow so that you secure your targeted GRE Scores without worry.
Personalised problem-solving to find the best possible solutions.
Customised time table and courses to follow on while meeting you’re the needs of your schedule.
Excellent trainers who will measure your strengths and weaknesses and will work with you to enhance your strengths and polish your weaknesses.
Great course content to supplement your existing knowledge for the Test.
Structured, interactive One-On-One Personalized Sessions, both online and in person.
Comprehensive analysis of your homework/assignments to help you recognize your strong and weak points.
Official test day experience when we will call you to our institution for a day so that you can experience the actual testing facility.
Full-length Computer-Based or Paper-Based Practice Tests.
Your Personal Tutor will analyse your homework and Practice Tests to observe what needs improvement and what are your strong points. They will determine your problems and will create a customised improvement study plan.
Based on the problems that they have diagnosed; your tutors will tailor a study plan that will focus on augmenting your skills. They will work with you and prioritise the content to ensure that you achieve the maximum GMAT scores.
Once they have planned your lessons, your instructor will make sure that custom homework is assigned to you after every class. Your homework and Practice Tests are designed specifically to cater your needs and ability levels.
Only when your Personal Tutor will be sure of your progress on a specific topic, they will choose to move onto new topic starting again from the Diagnostic stage. This way they will ensure that each topic is contained and you have advanced on each of those topics.

Recorded Sessions

To make it further easier for candidates who can’t attend the physical Classroom Sessions or be available for Online Sessions or can’t afford Personalises Sessions, we bring our Recorded Sessions, which you can listen to at your own pace and on your schedule, yourself. We have got our LIVE Classroom Sessions and LIVE Online Group Sessions that are uploaded to a Student Information System for your use. You can have access to the SIS and continue to study on your own.
An online student portal which you will have access to.
Extensive study material such as student guides and video tutorials.
Anytime access to the SIS from anywhere—laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone.
Well-drafted study plans to help you study on your own.
Exclusive Practice Test taking facilities.
5 Computer-Adaptive GRE Practice Tests that you can take on your own once you have finished the study plan.
Consultancy sessions on demand with eminent trainers to give you correct guidance and suggestions on your post course assessment.
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