1What changes are made to the GMAT release 2017 by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC)?
The following two main changes have been made to the GMAT release for 2017:
First, a change to Select Section Order will get affected from 11th July 2017. According to the update, candidates will be able to choose Section Order based on their preferences. You will have the flexibility to choose from the following three options:
• Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, Verbal (which is the original order)
• Verbal, Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment
• Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment
You will select your section order right before the GMAT Test at the Test Center on the Exam Day itself.

Secondly, some changes have been made to how you can update your profiles. Earlier you were required to fill in or answer profile questions immediately before GMAT Test. The profile questions such as questions about your undergraduate degree or years of work experience or demographics were presented to you on the screen before you would start your GMAT Test.

Now, there will be no such questions presented to you at the Test Center followed by the exam. Now you will be required to update your profile on at any time before you will appear for your GMAT Test. Both the changes will get implemented from July 11, 2017 at 12:01 AM Indian Standard Time.
2Why the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) has made the above-mentioned changes to GMAT Test?
With the changing times, GMAC focuses on enhancing the GMAT Test experience. They focus on providing candidates with the flexibility so that they can appear for the exam without trouble and score the best. For past many years, candidates have been requesting for procedure update that lets candidates select the section order as per their convenience. Our Pilot Testing for Select Section Order confirmed our research that candidates require more flexibility and so, we should recommend adding this feature to our Test Systems.

As a matter of fact, removing the profile question screens will also simplify the test experience, because this will enable you to see your unofficial test scores immediately after the exam. This further will reduce your overall time at test center.
3How will you be able to select the section order based on your preferences for the GMAT Test?
You will select your section order right before the GMAT Test at the Test Center on the Exam Day itself.
You will be required to select your section order after you select the schools where you want to send your score report and after you go through your navigation tutorial. On the computer screen, just before beginning your GMAT Test, you will be presented with the Select Section Order screens which will have the following three options:
• Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, Verbal (which is the original order)
• Verbal, Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment
• Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment

You will be given two minutes to select your section order. If you would not select any section within two minutes then the original section order will be given to you by default.
4Which Section Order should you select for better results?
There is no standard way of concluding which section order should you select or how should you arrange your section orders. We can’t recommend you a standard format of making choices. It, in fact, is more prudent to assess your strong and weak points and choose your section orders accordingly. You can consult our esteem faculties who can help you in assessing your strengths and weaknesses based on which you can set your preferences right.

For example, you could either take your strongest section order first so that you gain confidence before you move on to work harder on your weaker section orders. Whereas, you could also practice your weakest Section Orders first so that you can easily eat the biggest frog first.

We always suggest our candidates to assess their strengths and weaknesses and set their preferences in order. If you are unable to plan your Section Orders, it will be suggested that you take the GMAT test in its original order.
5Can you skip any of the Section Orders?
You cannot. You are required to complete each section of the GMAT Exam and a section is considered complete only when you answer every question within it or when the time of the section runs out.
6How will my breaks be altered by the section order I will select before GMAT Test?
: According to standard format, a candidate can have two optional 8-minutes break that are usually spread out at even time intervals depending on which section order you have selected. The customary break schedule for the section orders is as follows:
Order #1 Order #2 Order #3
Analytical Writing Assessment Verbal Quantitative
Integrated Reasoning
Optional 8-minute Break
Quantitative Quantitative Verbal
Optional 8-minute Break
Verbal Integrated Reasoning Integrated Reasoning
Analytical Writing Assessment Analytical Writing Assessment
As pointed out earlier, the two 8-minutes breaks are optional. You have the flexibility of skipping your breaks, if you do not need them. You would only need to skip your break and continue with the next section of the exam. However, if you take longer break viz. you exceed the 8-minute break then excessive minutes will be deducted from the time given for the next section of the exam. So, it is advised that you plan your breaks wisely.
7Does the Score Report display which Section Order you chose for the exam?
No. No matter which Section Order you choose for GMAT Testing, it will not be displayed on your GMAT Report—Unofficial or Official. You can apply for any Business School and they will not know which Section Order you appeared for. They only get to know your GMAT Score.
8Do we provide study materials for preparation to candidates for replicating the GMAT exam experience within different section orders?
Certainly. We offer the latest version of GMATPrep software to our candidates, further to our sole purpose of helping students have an experience of real-time examination environment beforehand. You could even select your preferred Section Order through the enhanced integrated feature of our advanced GMATPrep software. Our software includes two full-length practice exams with your initials that you can download and two additional exams within each Exam Pack 1 and 2.
9What was the purpose of conducting the Pilot Testing for Select Section Order in 2016? How successful was it
There were two purposes of conducting the Pilot Test for Select Section Order in 2016:
1. The test was held to establish which section orders are most popular amongst candidates who appear for GMAT.
2. It was also held to confirm that the integrity of GMAT score is not interrupted, when the examination is held in different section orders. The Pilot Test was held successfully and it concluded which are the two most popular section orders that can be integrated as new features with the original section order without trouble. It also concluded that when the exam is held within different section orders, the integrity of GMAT Scores is not affected.
10How can you update your profile for GMAT testing?
It is not that once you have created your GMAT Profile, you can’t change or update it. You can update your profile at any point you wish to on Though you certainly would need to have an account on the site ( If you don’t have an account, you will first have to create it from scratch. To update your profile, you would have to log into the account and then, go to ‘My Profile’ button on the Navigation Menu in the left of the screen. Then, click ‘Edit’ button under the ‘Personal Information’ Section [My Profile > Personal Information > Edit]. On the Edit Profile screen, you can update your profile.

Earlier you were required to answer profile questions at the test center, immediately prior to GMAT exam. But, now you can update your profile beforehand on, which has eventually made it easier to update your profile and reduce your time at the test center.
11Is the GMAT Content being updated lately, as the content looks different?
Yes. The GMAT brand is renewing itself to be in sync with the commitment to improve the experience of appearing for the GMAT Testing. For that purpose, the authorities are planning to refresh all GMAT related content and study materials by the coming year.


1I have some doubts related to my prep. Should I wait until the next class, or is there a way to contact you meanwhile?
Our Academics team is based in India and someone is available every day of the week. So, if you have any doubts, you can mail, call, or meet us anytime!
2Can I discuss my questions with other students during the week?
We are the ONLY test prep company in India with an exclusive discussion forum, where our Academics team answers every question posted. We are at 20,000 posts & counting!
3I took your classes in 2016 but could not take the GMAT because of personal reasons. Now I want to restart my prep. Can you help me create a study plan?
Yes, of course! We’re glad you want to restart your prep. Speak to our academics team so that they can understand where you are and what you can do next.
4I missed my classes last week. How do I catch up?
No problem! You can come down to our center to watch the recording of the classes you missed. This way, you can catch up easily before the next class happens.
5My course with Tathaastu is complete. But now that I am preparing on my own, I feel under-confident in one topic. Can I attend that class again?
Why not? Just talk to our Support team to understand the current class schedule. When the particular topic is taught next, you can attend the class.
6My classes with Tathaastu are over. Now I have some doubts. What do I do?
What can you not do? For conceptual doubts, write to our Academics team. They will help clear your doubts over email or phone. For doubts on specific questions, put up your questions on our discussion forum. Our Academics team answers every question posed there. For doubts regarding additional sessions & online sessions, contact the Support team for a schedule of upcoming support sessions. You will also be sent an invite to every session that is relevant to you.
7Can you keep me informed about any workshops/MBA sessions that you may conduct?
As a student, you get Free access to a number of GMAT & MBA sessions & workshops by our experts, B-school alumni & Admission Committee members.
8I have already gone through the basics but my practice test scores are low. How will CrackVerbal help me?
If your scores are not going up then we are told, as per Indian education system, that we need to practice harder. Isn’t that what we saw in the guy who topped in school and college – that he burned the midnight oil? So we hit the books even more intensely only to realize we have hit a “plateau” and it is very, very frustrating to be “stuck” at an average 650 to 690 score.

The problem here is not with practice – the problem is that you have an underlying technique that is flawed. So the more you practice the better you are getting at that flawed technique. In fact you are getting BETTER AT BEING BAD. The only way to improve scores is to use the right technique – practice will only help hone it. We help you think with a fresh perspective and work with you to come out of your ‘mold’.
9What about the mock-tests?
Going by the adage ‘practice makes perfect’, we believe that the more tests you take, the better you get at scoring on the GMAT. We provide GMAT Mock Tests that you can take in our Test Simulation Lab. Besides, we also provide of practice questions for our students to sharpen their GMAT skills. The Test Simulation Lab is well-equipped and here you can take any practice test under conditions similar to the actual test. We will also provide you with the scratchpads similar to the actual GMAT.
10What are the credentials of the faculty teaching at Tathaastu?
The most important part of any training institute is the faculty – the facilitators who work with you during your classroom sessions. Not only do we choose them through a very difficult selection process, we also make them go through rigorous training. The unique aspect of our faculty is that they are not just your class trainers but because they are successful leaders in their professional life – people who can talk about their times in the corporate world, and about life in general.
11Post-GMAT help – what type of services do you provide?
Post the test we provide answers to specific questions relating to MS/MBA/ other Master courses, end-to-end application services including help with SOP, essays etc. and interview prep to our students.
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