Essay/SOP Reviews

Offer Essay-Review services where we guide you through the complete process of drafting and writing a persuasive Application.
Assign you a personal coach/trainer for one-on-one Application Essay Writing services. Your coach will sit with you and work on the Application in the structured way.
Work on your Application exclusively to fix poor grammar and language, structure of the application, and vocabulary.
Ensure that your Application Essay is written in the simplest of the language and yet has the required distinctiveness.
Guarantee that we play with international rules so that you get an admission into international arena, without hassle.

Copyediting doesn’t mean copied work?

Writing is re-writing!
Writing is not easy and writing an Application Essay is not at all easy.
You must be sure that your Application has no errors and contains a captivating story and that your story is clear and concise.
Therefore, what can make your Application Essay stand apart is excellent Copyediting Services. Here at Tathastu, we understand that you have other responsibilities. We understand that it certainly is difficult for you to see your mistakes while researching for the topic and putting your arguments together. Our language experts ensure that your Application Essay is proof-read using the most advanced, tried-and-tested technologies.
Our specialists know that copyediting is not only about verifying the content against plagiarism. In fact, because we know that plagiarism is a serious offense, we take responsibility of your Application Essay. They discuss the content with you and ensure that the information is shared effectively, for example, we should use bullet points and anecdotes wherever required to share a story with a nice narrative.

Mock Interviews

First and foremost, we congratulate you for your progress. We are elated to see you progressed to this stage where you now require preparing for this key step—Business School Interview. We are elated to help you gain confidence and interview experience with our extensive Mock Interview sessions!
Close Mock-Up
We have an extensive experience of working with the esteem Business Schools and therefore, we know how to model a Mock Interview session that closely replicates the actual interview environment. During our mock interview sessions that we conduct for you on one-on-one basis, we make you meet our experienced admission advisors and trainers. They enacting as the real-time interviewers, ask you actual questions while making you familiarize through the typical interview for your selected program and preferred B-School.
Time Bound
We follow a strict time table to help you prepare for your actual interview in scheduled time. Each Mock Interview session will be conducted timely after every 3-4 days the previous Mock Interview session. This ensure timely and persistent progress.
We offer you everything from an interview guide to continuous feedback on your performance. The interview guides explain to you how can you answer commonly asked tricky questions and the experts’ feedback help you to outline your strong and weak points and consequently to work on them.
Our mentors not only train you on how to answer commonly asked interview questions but on improving your body language and dressing for the day.

Resume Review

We offer you a highly dedicated and personalised MBA Resume Review services. We at Tathastu, understand that the environment is highly competitive and it is tough to achieve recognition and demonstrate influence. It is imperative that you are prepared for every hassle that could hamper your progress. Most of the Business Schools look for candidates who are pre-emptive and are 100% professional. With our Resume Review services, you can present your case and achievements impactfully. We work on your MBA Resume with you and capture your potential points effectively while considering what the employer is seeking. With us you can be guaranteed about personalised one-on-one discussions on your responsibilities and career objectives. We discuss your key achievements and based on that help you to understand what are the employers’ requirements.
Formatted in line with the requirements of your chosen program and targeted B-School and it best represents you.
Has the finest details, but no grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or jargons.
A perfect representation of your academic performance, key skills, and aspirations.
Analysed by industry experts to be mapped to the target program and Business School or job profile.
Formatted well to highlight your domain expertise and achievements in the right context.

Video Essay and Video Interview Prep Service

We also prepare you for video interviews so that you can present yourself as the best candidate. Many Business Schools in international arena these days are using Video Interviews to know their candidates. We make you ready to master the challenging innovative applications. We make you camera ready by arranging for the most efficient computer environment where you can present yourself as a professional business candidate. We help you shred away the anxiety that many of you may experience while facing the camera. Your coach records your online interview session and help you pick your mistakes. They discuss with you how you can use it for improving your improvisation skills. Your mentor works with you one-on-one to ensure that you learn in the most comfortable environment and while having fun.
We start with reviewing your resume and your application essay.
Our mentors prepare a list of questions to ask you based on your target program and your preferred B-School methodology.
Before each Mock Interview session, we share with you interview guides and a list of commonly asked interview questions [within Overview, Behavioural, Weakness, and School Choice], so that you could have an idea of what you require to prepare.
Your list of questions will include the questions that are asked during the most recent interviews at our target B-School.
Each Mock Interview that will be conducted by the veteran Admission Advisor will be around one hour long wherein first 30 minutes will be spent on an interview and 30 minutes will be spent on having discussion and sharing feedback with you.
During the debriefing, your coach will discuss your strengths and potential areas of improvement.
Even after your Mock Interview sessions, you can contact your mentor anytime by email for any interview related follow up questions.
You can sign up with us for any of these Mock Interview session formats: One-on-one, Telephonic, Skype, or Panel.
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